About me

Hello! I’m Jenni

I am from the lovely city of Limerick in Ireland.

Whats my intention for this blog?

Well…I went for  a hike with two good friends and we had a chat about politics, climate action and our impact on the planet. It made me so passionate about spreading the word and informing others on how to do their bit for the environment. They girls encouraged me to start up an instagram account to share my views on the subject. They helped me pop something together. I tried it out for a few weeks, still trying to find my feet and my groove on it.

It wasn’t until I fractured my elbow and had all this free time to explore and research did I find myself getting more and more passionate and open about my views and belief systems.

Starting the instagram gave me the catalyst to start this blog. This is where I stand and how I can help fight for our planet and mother earth.

Thank you for visiting and reading my words and taking the time to delve inside my mind and thoughts.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, and you want to dicuss, then head over to the contact me tab where you can find my information.

Have a great day 🙂