Slow Fashions

Slow fashion inspirations and ideas.

Here you’ll find all of my Sustainable fashion items on display for all the world to see.

The beauty of slow fashion is that it makes you reconsider the appeal of older items of clothing.

Whether it be a piece of clothing you already own or something found in a charity shop or swap shop.

Reusing and restyling old clothes gives me such a buzz. This page is dedicated to preloved items i’ve restyled to different outfits.

Come see me trailing through charity and second hand shops where I can find the most wonderful and amazing pieces.

Follow me on my swap shop adventures where I hand over my once loved items and give them a new lease of life whilst I conceptualise new beginnings with their cherished clad.

I’ve also set up a Depop account which a number of my items are for sale if you would like to buy. The account is @jl2606